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The faculty and staff at the Center for Biofilm Engineering bring over 25 years of experience in understanding, controlling, and exploiting biofilm found in industrial, medical, and environmental systems. As a part of the CBE’s Industrial Program, CBE faculty and staff perform projects that assess how a company’s innovative chemistry, coating, or process performs against biofilm.

The CBE will test the product or process following one of the ASTM biofilm protocols, which were originally developed and/or validated in the CBE Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory. The CBE often modifies the standardized biofilm reactors and protocols to customize the experiment to better model the environment where the product or process will be applied. Finally, the CBE may assist with the statistical analysis of data generated within and outside of the CBE laboratories. 

Testing Expertise: 

  • Biofilm disinfectant efficacy testing
  • Removal of biofilm from surfaces
  • Indwelling medical devices
  • Oral biofilms
  • Chronic wounds
  • Biofilm found on food contact surfaces
  • Control of biofilm in industrial and process water systems
  • Biofilm in treated recreational water venues
  • Biofilm in the oil and gas industry
  • Statistical assessment of laboratory and clinical data
  • Microscopic evaluation of porous and nonporous surfaces
  • Molecular assessment of laboratory and field samples

For additional information contact:
Paul Sturman, PhD, PE
CBE Industrial Coordinator
Ph: (406) 994-2120