New Students & Researchers—Start Here

Instructions: The following steps are for students and researchers who have been recently hired by the CBE.

Step 1:  Schedule a safety orientation tour with Kristen Brileya
Step 2:  Register for training (Biosafety and Hazard Communication) 

Review the complete CBE hiring checklist.

Important Links

List of Instruments

Review the CBE's complete list of instruments

Lab Safety Binders

Each lab at the CBE should have a safety binder. What should be in your binder?

  • Emergency contacts
  • Lab Specific Biosafety manual. Includes a place for your lab SOPs and for members to sign off that they have been trained on these.
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Chemical SDS or a document stating where to find them (Kristen Brileya has a document)
  • Chemical Inventory, updated annually
  • Documentation of lab specific biosafety training
  • Training certificates for Biosafety, Hazard Communication (Bloodborne Pathogens and Recombinant DNA when applicable)
  • Freezer Biological Inventory
  • Previous Lab Inspection Records (Self and by Biosafety Officer)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan, if applicable
  • Approved IBC protocols

MSU Safety Links

Contact information

In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1

CBE Technical Operations Manager

Kristen Brileya
Office: EPS 367A
Office phone: (406) 994-6086

CBE Biosafety Officer

Elinor Pulcini
Office: EPS 322 
Office phone: (406) 994-1814

University Biosafety Officer

Ryan Bartlett
Office phone: (406) 994-6821

Emergency Services

Fire, Police, Ambulance  911
University Police (406) 994-2121
Facilities Services (406) 994-2107 

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