Montana State University
Special invitation: Biofilm Science & Technology Meeting

CBE Industrial Associates meetings are held twice each year at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. We invite interested companies to attend one of these meetings to preview the Industrial Associates program prior to becoming a member. The meetings are key to Industrial Associates’ interaction with the CBE researchers and students. The meeting agendas include:

  • Detailed, up-to-date, reporting of CBE projects and research strategy (specific industry sponsored projects may be excluded depending on the status of the project). Reporting includes written summaries, posters and presentations on the research.

  • Opportunities for the Industrial Associate members to provide written and oral guidance on the CBE research, education and industrial programs.

  • Opportunities for in-depth one-on-one or small group meetings with CBE researchers and students to focus on specific research, application and educational needs of the Industrial Associate.

  • Workshops on CBE biofilm analytical methods. Workshops include hands-on laboratory instruction (above) as well as presentations and materials.

For more information, contact Paul Sturman (406) 994-2102.


2014 Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings

February 20, 2014
Silver Spring, Maryland
CBE-FDA Co-sponsorship: Biofilms, Medical Devices, and Anti-biofilm Technology: Challenges and Opportunities

To access to the meeting webcast and presentation slides, go to:

July 15–17, 2014
Bozeman, Montana
Workshop: Monday, July 14
Meeting: Tuesday, July 15–Thursday, July 18
Agenda will be posted May 2014


2013 Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings
Bozeman, Montana

July 16–18, 2013
Workshops, Monday, July 15: Epifluorescence microscopy, Yellowstone National Park day trip
Meeting: July 16–18
Meeting agenda (pdf)
Microscopy workshop agenda (pdf)
Yellowstone workshop overview (pdf)

February 5–6, 2013
Workshop: Monday, February 4
Meeting: February 5–6
Meeting agenda (pdf)
Workshop agenda (pdf)

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