Lindsey Lorenz

Office: 319 Barnard Hall
Specialty: Standardized Biofilm Methods

Lindsey has been with the CBE's Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory for over ten years. She has performed research, testing, and microscopy projects for regulatory agencies and industrial companies. Her primary areas of focus are disinfectant efficacy testing to evaluate kill and/or removal of biofilm on surfaces, and growing/evaluating relevant laboratory biofilms to mimic those found in environments such as food contact surfaces, industrial and process water systems, and the built environment. She is also a contributor to the writing and filming of biofilm method training videos. Lindsey’s microscopy experience includes biofilm staining techniques, microscopic imaging (to assess biofilm growth, treatment, and removal/kill due to disinfectant treatments), and qualitative and quantitative image analysis of biofilm images.

Lindsey is proficient on the microscopes housed in the CBE microscope facility, including two Nikon epifluorescent microscopes, a Leica fluorescent stereomicroscope, and both the Leica SP5 Upright and Inverted Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopes.

Research Specialties:

• Microscopy
• Biofilm efficacy testing
• Standardized biofilm methods
• Biofilm methods training videos

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