Office: 316 Barnard Hall
Specialty: Microscopy

Betsey Pitts

Ms. Pitts has been a researcher in the field of microbial biofilms for over twenty years and she has managed the CBE Microscopy Facility for the past fifteen. In her capacity as facilities manager, she has directed daily operations and long-term planning for the facility, trained and worked with all users of the facility instrumentation, and directed technical and equipment funding and expenditures. Ms. Pitts has identified collaboration, and facilitation of cutting edge research via microscopy as the goals of the facility.  With these goals in mind, she has made it a priority to adapt the facility instrumentation to suit the myriad research requirements encountered in a multi-disciplinary Core facility. She has instituted microscope users group meetings which assist researchers with problem solving in both imaging and analysis, and facilitate valuable technique transfer among disciplines.  She has collaborated with the world’s largest producer of fluorescent stains (Invitrogen) to develop fluorescent dyes specifically for biofilms, and is an expert on the subject of fluorescence microscopy of biofilms. Ms. Pitts has attended numerous courses on image analysis and imaging, including a week-long course on Live Cell Imaging offered by the Royal Microscopical Society at Oxford-Brookes University, Oxford, UK.