Montana State University
Publications for 2008
Abstract Number Title Authorssort icon Year Published
2008-008 Antimicrobial-coated endotracheal tubes: An experimental study Berra L, Curto F, Li Bassi G, Laquerriere P, Pitts B, Baccarelli A, Kolobow T 2008
2008-009 Internally coated endotracheal tubes with silver sulfadiazine in polyurethane to prevent bacterial colonization: A clinical trial Berra L, Kolobow T, Laquerriere P, Pitts B, Bramati S, Pohlmann J, Marelli C, Panzeri M, Brambillasca P, Villa F, Baccarelli A, Bouthors S, H.T. Stelfox HT, Bigatello LM, Moss J, Pesenti A 2008
2008-033 Evaluation of characterization techniques for iron pipe corrosion products and iron oxide thin films Borch T, Camper AK, Biederman JA, Butterfield PW, Gerlach R, Amonette JE 2008
2008-018 Anti-biofilm properties of chitosan-coated surfaces Carlson RP, Taffs R, Davison W, Stewart P 2008
2008-027 Geographic, seasonal, and precipitation chemistry influence on the abundance and activity of biological ice nucleators in rain and snow Christner BC, Cai R, Morris CE, McCarter KS, Foreman CM, Skidmore ML, Montross SN, Sands DC 2008
2008-006 Ubiquity of biological ice nucleators in snowfall Christner BC, Morris CE, Foreman CM, Cai R, Sands DC 2008
2008-030 Bacteria in subglacial environments Christner BC, Skidmore ML, Priscu JC, Tranter M, Foreman C 2008
2008-034 Microbially enhanced geologic containment of sequestered supercritical CO2 Cunningham AB, Gerlach R, Spangler L, Mitchell AC 2008
2008-025 Scaling up microbial fuel cells Dewan A, Beyenal H, Lewandowski Z 2008
2008-007 Survey of bacterial diversity in chronic wounds using pyrosequencing, DGGE, and full ribosome shotgun sequencing Dowd SE, Sun Y, Secor PR, Rhoads DD, Wolcott BM, James GA, Wolcott RD 2008
2008-012 Resolving biogeochemical phenomena at high spatial resolution through electron microscopy Geesey GG, Borch T, Reardon CL 2008
2008-001 Need for direct measurements of coupled microbiological and hydrological processes at different scales in porous media systems Geesey GG, Mitchell A 2008
2008-017 Autoinducer-2 triggers the oxidative stress response in Mycobacterium avium leading to biofilm formation Geier H, Mostowy S, Cangelosi GA, Behr MA, Ford TE 2008
2008-016 Development of a chronic wound in a diabetic (db/db) mouse by infection with biofilm Hochwalt P, Zhao G, Underwood R, Usui M, Singh P, Stewart P, Olerud J, Fleckman P 2008
2008-022 Biopolymer and water dynamics in microbial biofilm extracellular polymeric substance Hornemann JA, Lysova AA, Codd SL, Seymour JD, Busse SC, Stewart PS, Brown JR 2008
2008-028 Microbial ecology of human skin and wounds James G, Swogger E, deLancey-Pulcini E 2008
2008-002 Biofilms in chronic wounds James GA, Swogger E, Wolcott R, deLancey Pulcini E, Secor P, Sestrich J, Costerton JW, Stewart PS 2008
2008-015 Candida albicans viability after exposure to amphotericin B: Assessment using metabolic assays and colony forming units Khot PD, Suci PA, Tyler BJ 2008
2008-003 Comparison of antimicrobial effect on biofilm of chlorine, silver ion and tobramycin Kim J, Pitts B, Stewart PS, Camper A, Yoon J 2008
2008-020 Measurements of accumulation and displacement at the single cell cluster level in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Klayman BJ, Klapper I, Stewart PS, Camper AK 2008