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Publications Database
Abstract Number Title Authorssort icon Year Published
1993-008 Quantitative observations of heterogeneities in pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Stewart, P., B.M. Peyton, W.J. Drury, and R. Murga 1993
1993-043 Biodegradation rates of crude oil in seawater Stewart, P., D.J. Tedaldi, A.R. Lewis, E. Goldman 1993
2000-012 Biofilm control by antimicrobial agents Stewart, P., G. McFeters, and C. Huang 2000
2001-014 Multicellular resistance: biofilms Stewart, P.S. 2001
2002-033 Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacterial biofilms Stewart, P.S. 2002
2003-004 New ways to stop biofilm infections Stewart, P.S. 2003
1993-007 A model of biofilm detachment Stewart, P.S. 1993
1994-008 Biofilm accumulation model that predicts antibiotic resistance of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Stewart, P.S. 1994
1996-032 Theoretical aspects of antibiotic diffusion into microbial biofilms Stewart, P.S. 1996
1998-014 A review of experimental measurements of effective diffusive permeabilities and effective diffusion coefficients in biofilms Stewart, P.S. 1998
1997-002 Spatial distribution and coexistence of klebsiella pneumoniae and pseudomonas aeruginosa in biofilms Stewart, P.S., A.K. Camper, S.D. Handran, C.-T. Huang, and M. Warnecke 1997
2000-005 Effect of catalase on hydrogen peroxide penetration into pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Stewart, P.S., F. Roe, J. Rayner, J.G. Elkins, Z. Lewandowski, U.A. Ochsner, and D.J. Hassett 2000
2001-029 Biofilm penetration and disinfection efficacy of alkaline hypochlorite and chlorosulfamates Stewart, P.S., J. Rayner, F. Roe, and W.M. Rees 2001
1998-023 Analysis of biocide transport limitation in an artificial biofilm system Stewart, P.S., L. Grab, and J.A. Diemer 1998
1996-007 Modeling biocide action against biofilms Stewart, P.S., M.A. Hamilton, B.R. Goldstein, and B.T. Schneider 1996
1995-025 Biofilm structural heterogeneity visualized by three microscopic methods Stewart, P.S., R. Murga, R. Srinivasan, and D. deBeer 1995
1994-009 Comparison of respiratory activity and culturability during monochloramine disinfection of binary population biofilms Stewart, P.S., T. Griebe, R. Srinivasan, C.-I. Chen, F.P. Yu, D. DeBeer, and G.A. McFeters 1994
1999-001 Electrolytic generation of oxygen partially explains electrical enhancement of tobramycin efficacy against pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm Stewart, P.S., W. Wattanakaroon, L. Goodrum, S.M. Fortun, and B.R. McLeod 1999
1995-029 Implications of reaction-diffusion theory for the disinfection of microbial biofilms by reactive antimicrobial agents Stewart, PS. and J.B. Raquepa 1995
1999-035 Biofilm structure and influence on biofouling under laminar and turbulent flows Stoodley P, Boyle J, Cunningham AB, Dodds I, Lappin-Scott HM, Lewandowski Z 1999