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2008-028 Microbial ecology of human skin and wounds James G, Swogger E, deLancey-Pulcini E 2008
2008-031 Antarctic subglacial water: Origin, evolution and ecology Priscu JC, Tulaczyk S, Studinger M, Kennicutt II MC, Christner BC, Foreman C 2008
2008-032 Permeable reactive biobarriers for in-situ Cr(VI) reduction: Bench scale tests using Cellulomonas sp. strain ES6 Viamajala S, Gerlach R, Sivaswamy V, Peyton BM, Apel WA, Cunningham AB, Petersen JN 2008
2008-033 Evaluation of characterization techniques for iron pipe corrosion products and iron oxide thin films Borch T, Camper AK, Biederman JA, Butterfield PW, Gerlach R, Amonette JE 2008
2008-034 Microbially enhanced geologic containment of sequestered supercritical CO2 Cunningham AB, Gerlach R, Spangler L, Mitchell AC 2008
2008-035 Floating islands as an alternative to constructed wetlands for treatment of excess nutrients from agricultural and municipal wastes – results of laboratory-scale tests Stewart FM, Mulholland T, Cunningham AB, Kania BG, Osterlund MT 2008
2008-036 Isolation of RNA and DNA from biofilm samples obtained by laser capture microdissection microscopy Pérez-Osorio AC, Franklin MJ 2008
2008-037 qRT-PCR of microbial biofilms Pérez-Osorio AC, Franklin MJ 2008
2008-038 A Human ferritin iron oxide nano-composite magnetic resonance contrast agent Uchida M, Terashima M, Cunningham CH, Suzuki Y, Willits DA, Willis AF, Yang PC, Tsao PS, McConnell MV, Young MJ, Douglas T 2008
2008-039 Phase field models for biofilms I. theory and one-dimensional simulations Zhang T, Cogan NG, Wang Q 2008
2009-026 Loss of viability and induction of apoptosis in human keratinocytes exposed to Staphylococcus aureus biofilms in vitro Kirker KR, Secor PR, James GA, Fleckman P, Olerud JE, Stewart PS 2009
2009-003 Mechanisms of microbially influenced corrosion Lewandowski Z, Beyenal H 2009
2009-006 Bacterial community succession during in situ uranium bioremediation: Spatial similarities along controlled flow paths Hwang C, Wu W, Gentry TJ, Carley J, Corbin GA, Carroll SL, Watson DB, Jardine PM, Zhou J, Criddle CS, Fields MW 2009
2009-040 Molecular studies on the microbial diversity associated with mining-impacted Coeur d’Alene river sediments Rastogi G, Sani RK, Peyton BM, Moberly JG, Ginn TR 2009
2009-001 Tolerance of dormant and active cells in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 biofilm to antimicrobial agents Kim J, Hahn JS, Franklin MJ, Stewart PS, Yoon J 2009
2009-004 Retention of a model pathogen in a porous media biofilm Bauman WJ, Nocker A, Jones WL, Camper AK 2009
2009-002 Novel approaches toward preferential detection of viable cells using nucleic acid amplification techniques Nocker A, Camper AK 2009
2009-005 Lead contamination of potable water due to nitrification Zhang Y, Griffin A, Rahman M, Camper A, Baribeau H, Edwards M 2009
2009-007 Selective detection of live bacteria combining propidium monoazide sample treatment with microarray technology Nocker A, Mazza A, Masson L, Camper A, Brousseau R 2009
2009-008 Diffusion of macromolecules in model oral biofilms Takenaka S, Pitts B, Trivedi HM, Stewart PS 2009