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Abstract Number Title Authorssort icon Year Published
2012-009 Reduction of environmental and energy footprint of microalgal biodiesel production through material and energy integration Chowdhury R, Viamajala S, Gerlach R 2012
2001-035 Resistance of biofilms containing alginate-producing bacteria to disintegration by an alginate degrading enzyme (algl) Christensen B.E., H. Ertesvag, H. Beyenal, and Z. Lewandowski 2001
2005-010 Glacial ice cores: A model system for developing extraterrestrial decontamination protocols Christner B, Mikucki JA, Foreman CM, Denson J, Priscu JC 2005
2008-027 Geographic, seasonal, and precipitation chemistry influence on the abundance and activity of biological ice nucleators in rain and snow Christner BC, Cai R, Morris CE, McCarter KS, Foreman CM, Skidmore ML, Montross SN, Sands DC 2008
2008-006 Ubiquity of biological ice nucleators in snowfall Christner BC, Morris CE, Foreman CM, Cai R, Sands DC 2008
2006-016 Limnological conditions in subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica Christner BC, Royston-Bishop G, Foreman CM, Arnold BR, Tranter M, Welsh KA, Lyons WB, Tsapin AI, Studinger M, Priscu JC 2006
2008-030 Bacteria in subglacial environments Christner BC, Skidmore ML, Priscu JC, Tranter M, Foreman C 2008
2011-044 Applying indigenous CBPR principles to partnership development in health disparities research Christopher S, Saha R, Lachapelle P, Jennings D, Colclough Y, Cooper C, Cummins C, Eggers M, FourStar K, Harris K, Kuntz S, LaFromboise V, LaVeaux D, McDonald T, Real Bird J, Rink E, Webster C 2011
2007-019 Biofilm formation in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough is dependent upon protein filaments Clark ME, Edelmann RE, Duley ML, Wall JD, Fields MW 2007
2012-045 Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of Desulfovibrio vulgaris biofilms: Carbon and energy flow contribute to the distinct biofilm growth state Clark ME, He Z, Redding AM, Joachimiak MP, Keasling JD, Zhou JZ, Arkin AP, Mukhopadhyay A, Fields MW 2012
2013-031 Yellowstone Lake Nanoarchaeota Clingenpeel S, Jinjun K, Macur RE, Woyke T, Lovalvo D, Varley J, Inskeep WP, Nealson K, McDermott TR 2013
2000-008 Reduced susceptibility of thin Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms to hydrogen peroxide and monochloramine Cochran W, McFeters G, and Stewart P 2000
2000-009 Role of rpos and algt in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm resistance to hydrogen peroxide and monochloramine Cochran W, Suh S-J, McFeters G, and Stewart P 2000
2005-051 Magnetic resonance microscopy of biofilm and bioreactor transport Codd SL, Seymour JD, Gjersing EL, Gage JP, Brown JR 2005
2011-038 NMR relaxation measurements of biofouling in model and geological porous media Codd SL, Vogt SJ, Hornemann JA, Phillips AJ, Maneval JE, Romanenko KR, Hansen L, Cunningham AB, Seymour JD 2011
2015-053 Microbially induced carbonate precipitation in the subsurface: Fundamental reaction and transport processes (book chapter) Connolly J, Gerlach R 2015
2013-026 Construction of two ureolytic model organisms for the study of microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation Connolly J, Kaufman M, Rothman A, Gupta R, Redden G, Schuster M, Colwell F, Gerlach R 2013
2015-027 Estimation of a biofilm-specific reaction rate: Kinetics of bacterial urea hydrolysis in a biofilm Connolly JM, Jackson B, Rothman AP, Klapper I, Gerlach R 2015
2000-043 Direct confocal microscopy studies of the bacterial colonization in vitro of a silver-coated heart valve sewing cuff Cook, G., J.W. Costerton, and R.O. Darouiche 2000
1998-024 Biofilm formation by porphyromonas gingivalis and streptococcus gordonii Cook, G.S., J.W. Costerton, and R.J. Lamont 1998