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Publications Database
Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
1994-026 Bacterial colonization of surfaces in flowing systems: methods and analysis Camper, A.C., M.A. Hamilton, K.R. Johnson, P. Stoodley, G.J. Harkin, and D.S. Daly 1994
1994-025 Effects of inducer levels on a recombinant bacterial biofilm formation and gene expression Huang, C.-T., C.W. Peretti, and J.D. Bryers 1994
1994-024 Investigation of ciprofloxacin penetration into pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Suci, P.A., M.W. Mittelman, F.P. Yu, and G.G. Geesey 1994
1994-023 Liquid flow in biofilm systems Stoodley P, de Beer D, and Lewandowski Z 1994
1994-022 Partition coefficients for acetic, propionic, and butyric acids in a crude oil/water system Reinsel, M.A., J.J. Borkowski, and J.T. Sears 1994
1994-021 Liquid flow in heterogeneous biofilms de Beer, D. P. Stoodley, and Z. Lewandowski 1994
1994-020 Spatial distribution of ph at mild steel surfaces using an iridium oxide microelectrode Lewandowski, Z., T. Funk, F. Roe, and B. Little 1994
1994-019 Physiological responses of bacteria in biofilms to disinfection Yu, F.P., and G. McFeters 1994
1994-018 Two-dimensional modeling of microscale transport and biotransformation in porous media Chen, B., A. Cunningham, R. Ewing, R. Peralta, and E. Visser 1994
1994-017 Kinetic investigation of microbial souring in porous media using microbial consortia from oil reservoirs Chen, C-I. M.A. Reinsel, and R.F. Mueller 1994
1994-015 Effects of medium carbon-to-nitrogen ratio on biofilm formation and plasmid stability Huang, C.T., S.W. Peretti, and J.D. Bryers 1994
1994-014 Effects of biofilm structures on oxygen distribution and mass transport de Beer D, Stoodley P, Roe F, and Lewandowski Z 1994
1994-013 Pseudomonas aeruginosa: the microbe and pathogen Costerton, J.W. and H. Anwar 1994
1994-012 Resuscitation of starved ultra-micro bacteria to improve in situ bioremediation Bryers, J.D. and S. Sanin 1994
1994-011 Rapid in situ assessment of physiological activities in bacterial biofilms using fluorescent probes Yu, F.P. and G.A. McFeters 1994
1994-010 Cryosectioning of biofilms for microscopic examination Yu, F.P., G.M. Callis, P.S. Stewart, T. Griebe, and G.A. McFeters 1994
1994-009 Comparison of respiratory activity and culturability during monochloramine disinfection of binary population biofilms Stewart, P.S., T. Griebe, R. Srinivasan, C.-I. Chen, F.P. Yu, D. DeBeer, and G.A. McFeters 1994
1994-008 Biofilm accumulation model that predicts antibiotic resistance of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Stewart, P.S. 1994
1994-007 Biofilms and the technological implications of microbial cell adhesion Bryers, J.D. 1994
1994-006 Biofilms, naturally occurring communities of immobilized cells McLean, R.J.C., D.E. Caldwell, and J.W. Costerton 1994