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Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
1993-027 Method development using field samples for assessing bioremediation potential Wolfram, J.H., S.J. Edgmon, D.S. Seidner, P.J. Sturman, and L.J. Gawal 1993
1993-026 Interactions of bacteria with metals in the aquatic environment Bremer, P.J. and G.G. Geesey 1993
1993-025 A review of the potential for microbially influenced corrosion of high-level nuclear waste containers Geesey, G. 1993
1993-024 Scale-up implications of respirometrically determined microbial kinetic parameters Sturman, P.J., R.R. Sharp, J.B. DeBar, P.S. Stewart, A.B. Cunningham, and J.H. Wolfram 1993
1993-023 Comparison of the amide i/ii intensity ratio of solution and solid-state proteins samples by transmission, attenuated total reflectance, and diffuse reflectance spectrometry Ishida, K.P and P.R. Griffiths 1993
1993-023 Use of sputter-deposited 316l-stainless steel ultrathin films for microbial-influenced corrosion studies Suci, P.A., A.J. Pedraza, M.J. Godbole, and G.G. Geesey 1993
1993-022 Interactions of 1 m latex particles with pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Drury, W.J., W.G. Characklis, and P.S. Stewart 1993
1993-021 Interactions of bacteria with metals in the aquatic environment Bremer, P.J. and G.G. Geesey 1993
1993-020 A statistical analysis of the effect of substrate utilization and shear stress on the kinetics of biofilm detachment Peyton BM and Characklis WG 1993
1993-018 Vapor phase bioreactor evaluated for performance in degrading aromatic compounds with novel pseudomonas Vaughn, B.C., W.L. Jones and J.H. Wolfram 1993
1993-017 Transport of 1-?m latex particles in pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Drury, W.J., P.S. Stewart, and W.G. Characklis 1993
1993-016 Plasmid retention and cloned gene expression in suspended versus biofilm cultures of e. coli dh5(pmjr1750) Huang, C.T., S.W. Peretti, and J.D. Bryers 1993
1993-015 A direct viable count method for the enumeration of attached bacteria and assessment of biofilm disinfection Yu, F.P., B.H. Pyle, and G.A. McFeters 1993
1993-014 Bioprocessing scenarios for mixed hazardous waste Wolfram, J.H., R.D. Rogers, M. Prisc, G. Silver, and A. Attala 1993
1993-014 Bacterial biofilms Bryers, J.D 1993
1993-013 Biocide action of monochloramine on biofilm systems of pseudomonas aeruginosa Chen, C.-I., T. Griebe, and W.G. Characklis 1993
1993-012 Diffusion and reaction within porous packing media: A phenomenological model Jones WL, Dockery JD, Vogel CR, Sturman PJ 1993
1993-011 Diffusivity of cu2+ in calcium alginate gel beads Chen, D., Z. Lewandowski, F. Roe, and P. Surapaneni 1993
1993-010 Biofilms: ecology and technology Characklis, W.G., A.B. Cunningham, and P. Conn 1993
1993-009 Properties of the exopolymer of a bacterium that causes pitting corrosion of copper Bremer, P.J., and G.G. Geesey 1993