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Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
1995-033 Introduction to microbial biofilms Costerton, J.W. and H.M. Lappin-Scott 1995
1995-032 Interspecies bacterial interactions in biofilms James, G.A., L. Beaudette, and J.W. Costerton 1995
1995-031 Influence of sorption on organic contaminant biodegradation Zhang, W., E.J. Bouwer, A.B. Cunningham, and G.A. Lewandowski 1995
1995-030 Overview of microbial biofilms Costerton, J.W. 1995
1995-029 Implications of reaction-diffusion theory for the disinfection of microbial biofilms by reactive antimicrobial agents Stewart, PS. and J.B. Raquepa 1995
1995-028 Modeling biofilm accumulation and mass transport in a porous medium under high substrate loading Wanner, O, A.B. Cunningham, and R. Lundman 1995
1995-027 Xenobiotic biodegradation test using attached bacteria in synthetic seawater Osswald, P, R. Courtes, P. Bauda, J.C. Block, J.D. Bryers, and E. Sunde 1995
1995-026 Addition of copper-sequestering agents to alginate gel to enhance copper recovery from aqueous media Jang, L.K., D.V. Nguyen, K. Kolostyak, and G.G. Geesey 1995
1995-025 Biofilm structural heterogeneity visualized by three microscopic methods Stewart, P.S., R. Murga, R. Srinivasan, and D. deBeer 1995
1995-024 Oxygen and ph microprofiles above corroding mild steel covered with a biofilm Lee, W. and D. deBeer 1995
1995-023 Engineering scale-up of in situ bioremediation processes: a review Sturman, P.J., P.S. Stewart, A.B. Cunningham, E.J. Bouwer and J.H. Wolfram 1995
1995-022 Analysis of bacterial spatial patterns at the initial stage of biofilm formation Hamilton MA, Johnson KR, Camper AK, Stoodley P, Harkin GJ, Gillis RJ, and Shope PA 1995
1995-021 Hard surface carrier test as a quantitative test of disinfection: a collaborative study Hamilton, M.A. and T.A. DeVries 1995
1995-020 Sulfide product inhibition of desulfovibrio desulfuricans in batch and continuous cultures Okabe, S. P.H. Nielsen, W.L. Jones and W.G. Characklis 1995
1995-019 Biofilm parameters influencing biocide efficacy Srinivasan, R., P.S. Stewart, T. Griebe, and C-I Chen 1995
1995-018 Experimental and conceptual studies on mass transport in biofilms Lewandowski, Z., P. Stoodley and S. Altobelli 1995
1995-016 Investigation of alginate binding to germanium and polystyrene substrata conditioned with mussel adhesive protein Suci, P.A. and G.G. Geesey 1995
1995-015 Nonuniform spatial patterns of respiratory activity within biofilms during disinfection Huang,C.-T., F.P. Yu, G.A. McFeters, and P.S. Stewart 1995
1995-014 The center for biofilm engineering: an international resource in managing complex biological systems Bryers, J.D. and A. Weightman 1995
1995-013 Recombinant plasmid retention and expression in bacterial biofilm cultures Bryers, J.D. and C.-T. H 1995