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Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
1995-008 Quantitative analysis of biofilm thickness variability Murga, R., P.S. Stewart, and D. Daly 1995
1995-007 Effect of marine biofilms on initiation time of crevice corrosion for stainless steels Zhang, H-J. and S.C. Dexter 1995
1995-006 Internal mass transport in heterogeneous biofilms: recent advances Lewandowski, Z., P. Stoodley, and F. Roe 1995
1995-005 Regulation of the alginate biosynthesis gene algc in Pseudomonas aeruginosa during biofilm development in continuous culture Davies DG, Geesey GG 1995
1995-004 A minireview: physiological assessment of bacteria using fluorochromes McFeters, G.A. et al 1995
1995-003 Effect of biofilms on crevice corrosion of stainless steels in coastal seawater Zhang, H.-J. and S.C. Dexter 1995
1995-002 Effect of ph on the absorption of cu(ii) by alginate gel Jang, L.K., D. Nguyen and G.G. Geesey 1995
1995-001 Selectivity of alginate gel for cu vs co Jang, L.K., D. Nguyen and G.G. Geesey 1995
1994-036 Scale-up implications of respirometrically determined microbial kinetics parameters Sturman, P.J., R.R. Sharp, J.B. DeBar, P.S. Stewart, A.B. Cunningham, and J.H. Wolfram 1994
1994-035 Estimation of cellular and extracellular carbon contents in sulfate-reducing bacteria biofilms by lipopolysaccharide assay and epifluorescence microscopic techni Okabe, S., P.H. Nielsen, W.L. Jones, and W.G. Characklis 1994
1994-034 Biofilms growing on gas permeable membranes Rothemund, A. Camper, and P.A. Wilderer 1994
1994-033 Evaluation of coating degradation with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and electrochemical noise analysis Xiao, H. and F. Mansfeld 1994
1994-032 Mechanism of the electrical enhancement of the efficacy of antibiotics in killing biofilm bacteria Costerton, J.W., B. Ellis, K. Lam, F. Johnson, and A.E. Khoury 1994
1994-031 Degradation of xenobiotic compounds in situ: capabilities and limits Bouwer, E., N. Durant, L. Wilson, W. Zhang and A. Cunningham 1994
1994-030 Hydrodynamics and kinetics in biofilm systems - recent advances and new problems Lewandowski, Z., P. Stoodley, S. Altobelli and E. Fukushima 1994
1994-029 Direct measurement of chlorine penetration into biofilms during disinfection de Beer D, Srinivasan R, and Stewart PS 1994
1994-028 Biofilm formation in water systems and their industrial relevance Mueller, R.F. 1994
1994-027 A statistician's view of the U.S. primary drinking water regulation on coliform contamination Hamilton, M.A. 1994
1994-026 Bacterial colonization of surfaces in flowing systems: methods and analysis Camper, A.C., M.A. Hamilton, K.R. Johnson, P. Stoodley, G.J. Harkin, and D.S. Daly 1994
1994-025 Effects of inducer levels on a recombinant bacterial biofilm formation and gene expression Huang, C.-T., C.W. Peretti, and J.D. Bryers 1994