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Abstract Number Titlesort icon Authors Year Published
2003-009 Role of nutrient limitation and stationary-phase existence in klebsiella pneumoniae biofilm resistance to ampicillin and ciprofloxacin Anderl, J.N., J. Zahller, F. Roe and P.S. Stewart 2003
2012-020 Role of outer membrane c-type cytochromes MtrC and OmcA in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 cell production, accumulation, and detachment during respiration on hematite Mitchell AC, Peterson L, Reardon CL, Reed SB, Culley DE, Romine MR, Geesey GG 2012
2000-009 Role of rpos and algt in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm resistance to hydrogen peroxide and monochloramine Cochran W, Suh S-J, McFeters G, and Stewart P 2000
1995-009 Role of sulfate-reducing bacteria in corrosion of mild steel: a review Lee, W., Z. Lewandowski, P.H. Nielsen, and W.A. Hamilton 1995
2014-012 Ruggedness and reproducibility of the MBEC biofilm disinfectant efficacy test Parker AE, Walker DK, Goeres DM, Allan N, Olson ME, Omar A 2014
2009-042 Sampling and quantification of biofilms in food processing and other environments Nivens DE, Co B, Franklin MJ 2009
2012-024 Sampling Gaussian distributions in Krylov spaces with conjugate gradients Parker A and Fox C 2012
1993-024 Scale-up implications of respirometrically determined microbial kinetic parameters Sturman, P.J., R.R. Sharp, J.B. DeBar, P.S. Stewart, A.B. Cunningham, and J.H. Wolfram 1993
1994-036 Scale-up implications of respirometrically determined microbial kinetics parameters Sturman, P.J., R.R. Sharp, J.B. DeBar, P.S. Stewart, A.B. Cunningham, and J.H. Wolfram 1994
2008-025 Scaling up microbial fuel cells Dewan A, Beyenal H, Lewandowski Z 2008
1995-043 Screen for novel compounds/activity in the environmental protection industries Lappin-Scott, H.M., J. Jass, and J.W. Costerton 1995
1993-005 Screening of encapsulated microbial cells for the degradation of inorganic cyanides Chapatwala, K.D., G.R.V. Babu, and J.H. Wolfram 1993
2011-016 Seasonal effects of 19 plant species on COD removal in subsurface treatment wetland microcosms Taylor CR, Hook PB, Stein OR, Zabinski CA 2011
2007-017 Seasonal influence on sulfate reduction and metal sequestration in sub-surface wetlands Stein OR, Borden DJ, Hook PB, Jones WL 2007
2009-011 Secondary flow mixing due to biofilm growth in capillaries of varying dimensions Hornemann JA, Codd SL, Fell RJ, Stewart PS, Seymour JD 2009
2013-055 Sediment microbial fuel cell powering a submersible ultrasonic receiver: New approach to remote monitoring Donovan C, Dewan A, Heo D, Lewandowski Z, Beyenal H 2013
2009-007 Selective detection of live bacteria combining propidium monoazide sample treatment with microarray technology Nocker A, Mazza A, Masson L, Camper A, Brousseau R 2009
2011-034 Selective killing of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans by ciprofloxacin during development of a dual species biofilm with Streptococcus sanguinis Suci P, Young M 2011
2006-005 Selective removal of DNA from dead cells of mixed bacterial communities by use of ethidium monoazide Nocker A, Camper AK 2006
1999-016 Selectivity of alginate gel for cu over zn when acidic conditions prevail Jang, L.K., D. Nguyen and G.G. Geesey 1999