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Abstract Number Titlesort icon Authors Year Published
2012-017 Rapid detection of rRNA group I pseudomonads in contaminated metalworking fluids and biofilm formation by fluorescent in situ hybridization Saha R, Donofrio RS, Goeres DM, Bagley ST 2012
2005-004 Rapid diffusion of fluorescent tracers into Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms visualized by time lapse microscopy Abdul Rani S, Pitts B, Stewart PS 2005
1999-022 Rapid direct methods for enumeration of specific, active bacteria in water and biofilms McFeters, G.A., B.H. Pyle, J.T. Lisle and S.C. Broadaway 1999
1994-011 Rapid in situ assessment of physiological activities in bacterial biofilms using fluorescent probes Yu, F.P. and G.A. McFeters 1994
2015-040 Rapid selective sweep of pre-existing polymorphisms and slow fixation of new mutations in experimental evolution of Desulfovibrio vulgaris Zhang P, Van Nostrand JD, He Z, Chakraborty R, Deng Y, Curtis D, Fields M, Hazen TC, Arkin AP, Zhou J 2015
1991-002 Reaction kinetics in biofilms Lewandowski, Z., G. Walser, and W.G. Characklis 1991
2015-022 Reactivity of uranium and ferrous iron with natural iron oxyhydroxides Stewart BD, Cismasu AC, Williams KH, Peyton BM, Nico PS 2015
1991-006 Real problems as the framework for cross-disciplinary research Sears, J.T., A.B. Cunningham, and W.G. Characklis 1991
2009-045 Real-time molecular monitoring of chemical environment in obligate anaerobes during oxygen adaptive response Holman HYN, Wozeia E, Lin Z, Comolli LR, Ball DA, Borglin S, Fields MW, Hazen TC, Downing KH 2009
1995-013 Recombinant plasmid retention and expression in bacterial biofilm cultures Bryers, J.D. and C.-T. H 1995
2014-027 Recrystallization inhibition in ice due to ice binding protein activity detected by nuclear magnetic resonance Brown JR, Seymour JD, Brox TI, Skidmore ML, Wang C, Christner BC, Luo BH, Codd SL 2014
2000-008 Reduced susceptibility of thin Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms to hydrogen peroxide and monochloramine Cochran W, McFeters G, and Stewart P 2000
2011-019 Reducing the risk of well bore leakage using engineered biomineralization barriers Cunningham AB, Gerlach R, Spangler L, Mitchell AC, Parks S, Phillips A 2011
2012-009 Reduction of environmental and energy footprint of microalgal biodiesel production through material and energy integration Chowdhury R, Viamajala S, Gerlach R 2012
1999-040 Reduction of polysaccharide production in pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms by bismuth dimercaprol (bisbal) treatment Huang, C.-T., and P. S. Stewart 1999
2004-014 Reduction of uranium (VI) under sulfate-reducing conditions in the presence of Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides Sani RK, Peyton BM, Amonette JE, Geesey GG 2004
1995-005 Regulation of the alginate biosynthesis gene algc in Pseudomonas aeruginosa during biofilm development in continuous culture Davies DG, Geesey GG 1995
1995-050 Relation between the structure of an aerobic biofilm and transport phenomena deBeer, D and P. Stoodley 1995
1997-026 Relationship between mass transfer coefficient and liquid flow velocity in heterogenous biofilms using microelectrodes and confocal microscopy Stoodley, P., S.Yang, H. Lappin-Scott, and Z. Lewandowski 1997
1989-013 Relative activities of cells in suspension and in biofilms Hamilton, W.A. and W.G. Characklis 1989