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Abstract Number Titlesort icon Authors Year Published
2007-019 Biofilm formation in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough is dependent upon protein filaments Clark ME, Edelmann RE, Duley ML, Wall JD, Fields MW 2007
1998-033 Biofilm formation by the rapidly growing mycobacterial species mycobacterium fortuitum Hall-Stoodley, L. and H. Lappin-Scott 1998
1998-024 Biofilm formation by porphyromonas gingivalis and streptococcus gordonii Cook, G.S., J.W. Costerton, and R.J. Lamont 1998
1999-029 Biofilm formation and structure: what?s new? Roberts, S.K., C. Bass, M. Brading, H. Lappin-Scott, and P. Stoodley 1999
2009-014 Biofilm enhanced subsurface sequestration of supercritical CO2 Mitchell AC, Phillips A, Hiebert R, Gerlach R, Cunningham AB 2009
2013-004 Biofilm detection in natural unconsolidated porous media using a low-field magnetic resonance system Sanderlin AB, Vogt SJ, Grunewald E, Bergin BA, Codd SL 2013
2011-015 Biofilm deformation in response to fluid flow in capillaries Vo GD, Heys J 2011
2005-043 Biofilm control strategies based on enzymic disruption of the extracellular polymeric substance matrix - a modeling study Xavier JB, Picioreanu C, Abdul Rani S, van Loosdrecht MCM, Stewart PS 2005
2000-012 Biofilm control by antimicrobial agents Stewart, P., G. McFeters, and C. Huang 2000
2004-045 Biofilm barriers to contain and degrade dissolved trichloroethylene Komlos J, Cunningham AB, Camper AK, Sharp RR 2004
2004-031 Biofilm antimicrobial resistance Stewart PS, Mukherjee K, Ghannoum MA 2004
1994-008 Biofilm accumulation model that predicts antibiotic resistance of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms Stewart, P.S. 1994
1992-028 Biofilm accumulation and activity: a process engineering analysis Bryers, J.D. and W.G. Characklis 1992
1993-043 Biodegradation rates of crude oil in seawater Stewart, P., D.J. Tedaldi, A.R. Lewis, E. Goldman 1993
2003-005 Biodegradation of chlorinated solvents in a water unsaturated topsoil Borch, T., P. Ambus, F. Laturnus, B. Svensmark and C. Gr?n 2003
2000-011 Biocorrosion Geesey, G., I. Beech, P. Bremer, B. Webster, and D. Wells 2000
1993-013 Biocide action of monochloramine on biofilm systems of pseudomonas aeruginosa Chen, C.-I., T. Griebe, and W.G. Characklis 1993
1995-046 Bench-scale/field-scale interpretations: an overview. Cunningham, A.B. and B.M. Peyton 1995
1987-009 Behavior of biological reactors in the presence of toxic compounds Lewandowski Z 1987
2001-020 Battling biofilms Costerton, J.W. and P.S. Stewart 2001