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1996-040 Characterization of thermophilic consortia from two souring oil reservoirs Mueller RF and Nielsen PH 1996
1992-017 Characterization of sputter-deposited 316L stainless steel films Godbole, M.J., A.J. Pedraza, L.F. Allard and G.G. Geesey 1992
2001-033 Characterization of phenotypic changes in pseudomonas putida in response to surface-associated growth Sauer, K and A.K. Camper 2001
1996-011 Characterization of microbial souring in berea-sand porous medium with a north sea oil field inoculum Chen, C.-I. and M.A. Reinsel 1996
2002-038 Characterization of methyl tert-butyl ether-degrading bacteria from a gasoline-contaminated aquifer Kern, E.A., R.H. Veeh, H.W. Langner, R.E. Macure, and A.B. Cunningham 2002
1987-001 Characterization of interfacial phenomena occurring during exposure of a thin copper film to an aqueous suspension of an acidic polysaccharide Geesey GG, Iwaoka T, Griffith PR 1987
1992-010 Characterization of initial events in bacterial surface colonization by two pseudomonas species using image analysis Mueller, R.F., W.G. Characklis, W.L. Jones and J.T. Sears 1992
2013-036 Characterization of IHSS Pony Lake fulvic acid dissolved organic matter by electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry and fluorescence spectroscopy D’Andrilli J, Foreman CM, Marshall AG, McKnight DM 2013
2000-019 Characterization of glutaraldehyde efficacy against bacterial biofilm Grobe, K.J. and P.S. Stewart 2000
2013-044 Characterization of fulvic acid fractions of dissolved organic matter during ice-out in a hyper-eutrophic, coastal pond in Antarctica Cawley KM, McKnight DM, Penney Miller P, Cory R, Fimmen RL, Guerard J, Dieser M, Jaros C, Chin Y-P, Foreman C 2013
2001-019 Characterization of extracellular chitinolytic activity in biofilms Baty III, A.M., Z. Diwu, G. Dunham, C.C. Eastburn, G.G. Geesey, A.E. Goodman, P.A. Suci, and S. Techkarnjanaruk 2001
1995-039 Characterization of different microbial nuclei as potential precursors of anaerobic granulation El-Mamouni, R., S.R. Guiot, R. Leduc, J.W. Costerton 1995
1992-024 Characterization of bacterial transport and colonization in low nutrient environments using image analysis Mueller, R.F., W.L. Jones, P.J. Sturman, W.G. Characklis, and J.T. Sears 1992
1991-005 Characterization of a thin copper film to investigate microbial biofilm formation Bremer, P.J. and G.G. Geesey 1991
2010-034 Characterization of a modified rotating disk reactor for the cultivation of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm Cotter JJ, O’Gara JP, Stewart PS, Pitts B, Casey E 2010
2011-001 Characterization and effect of biofouling on polyamide reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane surfaces Khan MT, Stewart PS, Moll DJ, Mickols WE, Nelson SE, Camper AK 2011
1992-018 Centers, new technologies focus on biofilm heterogeneity Geesey, G.G., W.G. Characklis, and J.W. Costerton 1992
2013-041 Cellular cycling, carbon utilization, and photosynthetic oxygen production during bicarbonate-induced triacylglycerol accumulation in a Scenedesmus sp. Gardner RD, Lohman EJ, Cooksey KE, Gerlach R, Peyton BM 2013
2002-011 Catalysis of PAH biodegradation by humic acid shown in synchrotron infrared studies Holman, H.-Y. N., K. Nieman, D.L. Sorensen, C.D. Miller, M.C. Martin, T. Borch, W.R. McKinney, and R.C. Sims 2002
2014-033 Carbon partitioning in lipids synthesized by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii when cultured under three unique inorganic carbon regimes Lohman EJ, Gardner RD, Halverson L, Peyton BM, Gerlach R 2014