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Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
2012-012 Simulation of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur conversion in batch-operated experimental wetland mesocosms Mburua N, Sanchez-Ramos D, Rousseaua DPL, van Bruggena JJA, Thumbie G, Stein OR, Hook PB, Lens PNL 2012
2012-011 Functional characterization of Crp/Fnr-Type global transcriptional regulators in Desulfovibrio vulgaris hildenborough Zhou A, Chen YI, Zane GM, He Z, Hemme CL, Joachimiak MP, Baumohl JK, He Q, Fields MW, Arkin AP, Wall JD, Hazen TC, Zhou J 2012
2012-010 A Mutant in the ADH1 gene of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii elicits metabolic restructuring during anaerobiosis Magneschi L, Catalanotti C, Subramanian V, Dubini A, Yang W, Mus F, Posewitz MC, Seibert M, Perata P, Grossman AR 2012
2012-009 Reduction of environmental and energy footprint of microalgal biodiesel production through material and energy integration Chowdhury R, Viamajala S, Gerlach R 2012
2012-008 Detection of biological uranium reduction using magnetic resonance Vogt SJ, Stewart BD, Seymour JD, Peyton BM, Codd SL 2012
2012-007 Development and application of a polymicrobial, in vitro, wound biofilm model Woods J, Boegli L, Kirker KR, Agostinho AM, Durch AM, deLancey Pulcini E, Stewart PS, James GA 2012
2012-006 Mini-review: Convection around biofilms Stewart PS 2012
2012-005 Differential effects of planktonic and biofilm MRSA on human fibroblasts Kirker KR, James GA, Fleckman P, Olerud JE, Stewart PS 2012
2012-004 Heterogeneity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms includes expression of ribosome hibernation factors in the antibiotic-tolerant subpopulation and hypoxia-induced stress response in the metabolically active population Williamson KS, Richards LA, Perez-Osorio AC, Pitts B, McInnerney K, Stewart PS, Franklin MJ 2012
2012-003 Inhibition of microbial arsenate reduction by phosphate Slaughter DC, Macur RE, Inskeep WP 2012
2012-002 Evaluation and remediation of bulk soap dispensers for biofilm Lorenz LA, Ramsay BD, Goeres DM, Fields MW, Zapka CA, Macinga DR 2012
2012-001 Synthetic Escherichia coli consortia engineered for syntrophy demonstrate enhanced biomass productivity Bernstein HC, Paulson SD, Carlson RP 2012
2011-047 Mathematical model of the effect of electrodiffusion on biomineralization Zhang T, Klapper I 2011
2011-046 Medium pH and nitrate concentration effects on accumulation of triacylglycerol in two members of the chlorophyta Gardner R, Peters P, Peyton B, Cooksey KE 2011
2011-045 Imaging biologically induced mineralization in fully hydrated flow systems Schultz L, Pitts B, Mitchell AC, Cunningham AB, Gerlach R 2011
2011-044 Applying indigenous CBPR principles to partnership development in health disparities research Christopher S, Saha R, Lachapelle P, Jennings D, Colclough Y, Cooper C, Cummins C, Eggers M, FourStar K, Harris K, Kuntz S, LaFromboise V, LaVeaux D, McDonald T, Real Bird J, Rink E, Webster C 2011
2011-043 Reverse genetics in Chlamydomonas: a platform for isolating insertional mutants Gonzalez-Ballester D, Pootakham W, Mus F, Yang W, Catalanotti C, Magneschi L, de Montaigu A, Higuera JJ, Prior M, Galván A, Fernandez E, Grossman AR 2011
2011-042 Floating treatment wetlands for domestic wastewater treatment Faulwetter JL, Burr MD, Cunningham AB, Stewart FM, Camper AK, Stein OR 2011
2011-041 Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 sensory box protein involved in aerobic and anoxic growth Sundararajan A, Kurowski J, Yan T, Klingeman DM, Joachimiak MP, Zhou J, Naranjo B, Gralnick JA, Fields MW 2011
2011-040 Diversity, abundance, and potential activity of nitrifying and nitrate-reducing microbial assemblages in a subglacial ecosystem Boyd ES, Lange RK, Mitchell AC, Havig JR, Hamilton TL, Lafreniere MJ, Shock EL, Peters JW, Skidmore M 2011