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Publications Database
Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
2011-019 Reducing the risk of well bore leakage using engineered biomineralization barriers Cunningham AB, Gerlach R, Spangler L, Mitchell AC, Parks S, Phillips A 2011
2011-018 Growth effects and assimilation of organic acids in chemostat and batch cultures of Acidithiobacillus caldus Aston JE, Apel WA, Lee BD, Peyton BM 2011
2011-017 A multicomponent model for biofilm-drug interaction Lindley B, Wang Q, Zhang TY 2011
2011-016 Seasonal effects of 19 plant species on COD removal in subsurface treatment wetland microcosms Taylor CR, Hook PB, Stein OR, Zabinski CA 2011
2011-015 Biofilm deformation in response to fluid flow in capillaries Vo GD, Heys J 2011
2011-014 Influence of carbon sources and electron shuttles on ferric iron reduction by Cellulomonas sp. strain ES6 Gerlach R, Field EK, Viamajala S, Peyton BM, Apel WA, Cunningham AB 2011
2011-013 New methods for the detection of orthopedic and other biofilm infections Costerton JW, Post JC, Ehrlich GD, Hu FZ, Kreft R, Nistico L, Kathju S, Stoodley P, Hall-Stoodley L, Maale G, James G, Sotereanos N, DeMeo P 2011
2011-012 Combined treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm with lactoferrin and xylitol inhibits the ability of bacteria to respond to damage resulting from lactoferrin iron chelation Ammons MC, Ward LS, Dowd S, James GA 2011
2011-011 Chemical and antimicrobial treatments change the viscoelastic properties of bacterial biofilms Jones WL, Sutton MP, McKittrick L, Stewart PS 2011
2011-010 When a habitat freezes solid: Microorganisms over-winter within the ice column of a coastal Antarctic lake Foreman CM, Dieser M, Greenwood M, Cory RM, Laybourn-Parry J, Lisle JT, Jaros C, Miller PL, Chin YP, McKnight DM 2011
2011-009 Biofilm image reconstruction for assessing structural parameters Renslow R, Lewandowski Z, Beyenal H 2011
2011-008 Anti-biofilm efficacy of a lactoferrin/xylitol wound hydrogel used in combination with silver wound dressings Ammons MC, Ward LS, James GA 2011
2011-007 A modified CDC biofilm reactor to produce mature biofilms on the surface of PEEK membranes for an in vivo animal model application Williams DL, Woodbury KL, Haymond BS, Parker AE, Bloebaum RD 2011
2011-006 Membrane fouling due to dynamic particle size changes in the aerated hybrid PAC–MF system Khan MT, Takizawa S, Lewandowski Z, Jones WL, Camper AK, Katayama H, Kurisu F, Ohgaki S 2011
2011-005 Terminal oxidase diversity and function in Metallosphaera yellowstonensis: Gene expression and protein modeling suggest mechanisms of Fe(II) oxidation in the sulfolobales Kozubal MA, Dlakic M, Macur RE, Inskeep WP 2011
2011-004 Biofilms in water and wastewater treatment Lewandowski Z and Boltz JP 2011
2011-003 Optimizing the growth of stressed Helicobacter pylori Richards CL, Buchholz BJ, Ford TE, Broadaway SC, Pyle BH, Camper AK 2011
2011-002 NMR measurement of hydrodynamic dispersion in porous media subject to biofilm mediated precipitation reactions Fridjonsson EO, Seymour JD, Schultz LN, Gerlach R, Cunningham AB, Codd SL 2011
2011-001 Characterization and effect of biofouling on polyamide reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane surfaces Khan MT, Stewart PS, Moll DJ, Mickols WE, Nelson SE, Camper AK 2011
2010-048 Are they alive? Detection of viable organisms and functional gene expression using molecular techniques Rochelle PA, Camper AK, Nocker A, Burr M 2010