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Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
2013-012 Influence of chelating agents on biogenic uraninite reoxidation by Fe(III) (Hydr)oxides Stewart BD, Girardot C, Spycher N, Sani RK, Peyton BM 2013
2013-011 Krylov space approximate Kalman filtering Bardsley JM, Parker A, Solonen A, Howard M 2013
2013-010 Treated recreational water venues Goeres DM, Hartemann P, Dadswell JV 2013
2013-009 Abandoned well CO2 leakage mitigation using biologically induced mineralization: Current progress and future directions Cunningham AB, Lauchnor E, Eldring J, Esposito R, Mitchell AC, Gerlach R, Phillips AJ, Ebigbo A, Spangler LH 2013
2013-008 Bacterially induced calcium carbonate precipitation and strontium coprecipitation in a porous media flow system Lauchnor EG, Schultz LN, Bugni S, Mitchell AC, Cunningham AB, Gerlach R 2013
2013-007 Direct electric current treatment under physiologic saline conditions kills Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms via electrolytic generation of hypochlorous acid Sandvik EL, McLeod BR, Parker AE, Stewart PS 2013
2013-006 Iron induces bimodal population development by Escherichia coli DePas WH, Hufnagel DA, Lee JS, Blanco LP, Bernstein HC, Fisher ST, James GA, Stewart PS, Chapman MR 2013
2013-005 Microbial community structure and sulfur biogeochemistry in mildly acidic sulfidic geothermal springs in Yellowstone National Park Macur RE, Jay Z, Taylor WP, Kozubal MA, Kocar BD, Inskeep WP 2013
2013-004 Biofilm detection in natural unconsolidated porous media using a low-field magnetic resonance system Sanderlin AB, Vogt SJ, Grunewald E, Bergin BA, Codd SL 2013
2013-003 Potential CO2 leakage reduction through biofilm-induced calcium carbonate precipitation Phillips AJ, Lauchnor E, Eldring J, Esposito R, Mitchell AC, Gerlach R, Cunningham AB, Spangler LH 2013
2013-002 Influence of season and plant species on the abundance and diversity of sulfate reducing bacteria and ammonia oxidizing bacteria in constructed wetland microcosms Faulwetter JL, Burr MD, Parker AE, Stein OR, Camper AK 2013
2013-001 Comparison of CO2 and bicarbonate as inorganic carbon sources for triacylglycerol and starch accumulation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Gardner RG, Lohman E, Gerlach R, Cooksey KE, Peyton BM 2013
2012-046 Systems analysis of microbial adaptations to simultaneous stresses Carlson RP, Oshota OJ, Taffs RL 2012
2012-045 Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of Desulfovibrio vulgaris biofilms: Carbon and energy flow contribute to the distinct biofilm growth state Clark ME, He Z, Redding AM, Joachimiak MP, Keasling JD, Zhou JZ, Arkin AP, Mukhopadhyay A, Fields MW 2012
2012-044 Electrochemically active biofilms: Facts and fiction. A review Babauta J, Renslow R, Lewandowski Z, Beyenal H 2012
2012-043 The characterization of CaCo3 in a geothermal environment: A SEM/TEM-EELS study Kim J-W, Kogure T, Yang K, Kim S-T, Jang Y-N, Baik H-S, Geesey G 2012
2012-042 Performance of the AOAC use-dilution method with targeted modifications: Collaborative study Tomasino SF, Parker AE, Hamilton MA, Hamilton GC 2012
2012-041 Identification and imaging of peptides and proteins on Enterococcus faecalis biofilms by matrix assisted laser desportion ionization mass spectrometry Blaze MT, Aydin B, Carlson RP, Hanley L 2012
2012-040 Kinetic theories for biofilms Wang Q, Zhang TY 2012
2012-039 Multicomponent hydrodynamic model for heterogeneous biofilms: Two-dimensional numerical simulations of growth and interaction with flows Lindley B, Wang Q, Zhang T 2012