State-of-the-art instruments and equipment are available for use by all CBE faculty, staff, and students. General use areas include a microbiology lab, a media kitchen, an instrument lab, and an isolated radioactive isotope lab. The full-time CBE Technical Operations Manager oversees the research laboratories, provides one-on-one training for students, ensures safe laboratory practices, and maintains equipment.

CBE Lab Safety Tips

Contact information

CBE Laboratory/Safety Manager:

Kristen Brileya
Office: EPS 367A
Office phone: (406) 994-6086

CBE Biosafety Officer:

Elinor Pulcini
Office: EPS 322 
Office phone: (406) 994-1814

University Biosafety Officer:

Kirk Lubick
Office phone: (406) 994-6998

Emergency Services:

Fire  (406) 994-2121
Police (406) 994-2121
Ambulance (406) 994-2121
Facilities Services (406) 994-2107