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Abstract Number Title Authors Year Published
2015-015 Natural bacterial communities serve as quantitative geochemical biosensors Smith MB, Rocha AM, Smillie CS, Olesen SW, Paradis C, Wu L, Campbell JH, Fortney JL, Mehlhorn TL, Lowe KA, Earles JE, Phillips J, Techtmann SM, Joyner DC, Elias DA, Bailey KL, Hurt RA Jr, Preheim SP, Sanders MC, Yang J, Mueller MA, Brooks S, Watson DB, Zhang P, He Z, Dubinsky EA, Adams PD, Arkin AP, Fields MW, Zhou J, Alm EJ, Hazen TC 2015
2015-014 Whole cell kinetics of ureolysis by Sporosarcina pasteurii Lauchnor EG, Topp DM, Parker AE, Gerlach R 2015
2015-013 Simultaneous Gaussian and exponential inversion for improved analysis of shales by NMR relaxometry Washburn KE, Anderssen E, Vogt SJ, Seymour JD, Birdwell JE, Kirkland CM, Codd SL 2015
2015-012 Kinetic parameter estimation in N. europaea biofilms using a 2-D reactive transport model Lauchnor EG, Semprini L, Wood BD 2015
2015-011 Potential health risks from uranium in home well water: An investigation by the Apsaalooke (Crow) tribal research group Eggers MJ, Moore-Nall AL, Doyle JT, Lefthand MJ, Young SL, Bends AL, Crow Environmental Health Steering Committee, Camper AK 2015
2015-010 High-quality draft genome sequence of Desulfovibrio carbinoliphilus FW-101-2B, an organic acid-oxidizing sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from uranium(VI)-contaminated groundwater Ramsay BD, Hwang C, Woo HL, Carroll SL, Lucas S, Han J, Lapidus AL, Cheng JF, Goodwin LA, Pitluck S, Peters L, Chertkov O, Held B, Detter JC, Han CS, Tapia R, Land ML, Hauser LJ, Kyrpides NC, Ivanova NN, Mikhailova N, Pagani I, Woyke T, Arkin AP, Dehal P, Chivian D, Criddle CS, Wu W, Chakraborty R, Hazen TC, Fields MW 2015
2015-009 Complete genome sequence of Anaeromyxobacter sp. Fw109-5, an anaerobic, metal-reducing bacterium isolated from a contaminated subsurface environment Hwang C, Copeland A, Lucas S, Lapidus A, Barry K, Glavina Del Rio T, Dalin E, Tice H, Pitluck S, Sims D, Brettin T, Bruce DC, Detter JC, Han CS, Schmutz J, Larimer FW, Land ML, Hauser LJ, Kyrpides N, Lykidis A, Richardson P, Belieav A, Sanford RA, Löeffler FE, Fields MW 2015
2015-008 Comprehensive bioimaging with fluorinated nanoparticles using breathable liquids Kurczy ME, Zhu ZJ, Ivanisevic J, Schuyler AM, Lalwani K, Santidrian AF, David JM, Giddabasappa A, Roberts AJ, Olivos HJ, O’Brien PJ, Franco L, Fields MW, Paris LP, Friedlander M, Johnson CH, Epstein AA, Gendelman HE, Wood MR, Felding BH, Patti GJ, Spilker ME, Siuzdak G 2015
2015-007 Autonomous metabolomics for rapid metabolite identification in global profiling Benton HP, Ivanisevic J, Mahieu NG, Kurczy ME, Johnson CH, Franco L, Rinehart D, Valentine E, Gowda H, Ubhi BK, Tautenhahn R, Gieschen A, Fields MW, Patti GJ, Siuzdak G 2015
2015-006 Natural green coating inhibits adhesion of clinically important bacteria Trentin DS, Silva DB, Frasson AP, Rzhepishevska O, da Silva MV, de Lancey Pulcini E, James G, Soares GV, Tasca T, Ramstedt M, Giordani RB, Lopes NP, Macedo AJ. 2015
2015-005 Dissolved inorganic carbon enhanced growth, nutrient uptake, and lipid accumulation in wastewater grown microalgal biofilms Kesaano M, Gardner RD, Moll K, Lauchnor E, Gerlach R, Peyton BM, Sims RC 2015
2015-004 Evaluation of petrifilm aerobic count plates as an equivalent alternative to drop plating on R2A agar plates in a biofilm disinfectant efficacy test Fritz B, Walker D, Goveia D, Parker A, Goeres D 2015
2015-003 Design of a meso-scale high pressure vessel for the laboratory examination of biogeochemical subsurface processes Phillips, AJ, Eldring, J, Hiebert, R, Lauchnor, E, Mitchell AC, Cunningham, A, Spangler, L, Gerlach, R. 2015
2015-002 Surface-attached cells, biofilms and biocide susceptibility: Implications for hospital cleaning and disinfection Otter JA, Vickery K, Walker JT, de Lancey Pulcini E, Stoodley P, Goldenberg SD, Salkeld JA, Chewins J, Yezli S, Edgeworth JD 2015
2015-001 Biocides in hydraulic fracturing fluids: A critical review of their usage, mobility, degradation, and toxicity Kahrilas GA, Blotevogel J, Stewart PS, Borch T 2015
2014-036 Application of PFG-NMR to study the impact of colloidal deposition on hydrodynamic dispersion in a porous medium Fridjonsson EO, Codd SL, Seymour JD 2014
2014-035 Magnetic resonance measurement of fluid dynamics and transport in tube flow of a near-critical fluid Bray JM, Rassi EM, Seymour JD, Codd SL 2014
2014-034 Magnetic resonance measurements of flow-path enhancement during supercritical CO2 injection in sandstone and carbonate rock cores Vogt SJ, Shaw CA, Maneval JE, Brox TI, Skidmore ML, Codd SL, Seymour JD 2014
2014-033 Carbon partitioning in lipids synthesized by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii when cultured under three unique inorganic carbon regimes Lohman EJ, Gardner RD, Halverson L, Peyton BM, Gerlach R 2014
2014-032 Draft genome sequence of a metabolically diverse Antarctic supraglacial stream organism, Polaromonas sp. strain CG9_12, determined using pacific biosciences single-molecule real-time sequencing technology Smith HJ, Foreman CM, Ramaraj T 2014