Office: 308 Barnard Hall
Specialty: Biofilms in waste remediation and industrial systems

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Montana State University

Registered Professional Engineer, Montana, #10536PE


  • Industrial Coordinator/Research Professor, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Bozeman, MT 2000-present
  • Research Engineer, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Bozeman, MT  1991-1999
  • Environmental Engineer, Matney-Frantz Engineering, Bozeman, MT  1990-1994

Areas of Expertise


  • Assessment and growth potential of biofilms in industrial and potable water systems
  • Biofilm growth in plumbing fixtures
  • Development of testing protocols for assessing the efficacy antimicrobial products and surfaces
  • Engineered systems for microbial process control
  • Control of microbial souring of oil in pipelines and subsurface formations
  • Biodegradation of organic chemicals in soil and groundwater
  • Groundwater flow hydraulics and microbial transport in porous media
  • Biobarrier construction for groundwater flow control and mitigation of acid rock drainage
  • Design of field-scale biotreatment systems

Technology Transfer:

  • Communication of biotechnology research advances with industry and government
  • Organization of bi-annual technical meetings for CBE Industrial Associates
  • Organization and presentation of biofilm analytical methods workshops for industry and academic researchers and strategic planning workshops for industrial partners



Biofilm related publications searchable by author via CBE Publications



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