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Office: 367A Barnard Hall
Specialty: Anaerobic community ecophysiology

Professional preparation:

Postdoctoral Fellow, Portland State University, 2013–2015     

PhD, Microbiology, Montana State University, 2013
Dissertation:  “Ecophysiology of Methanococcus maripaludis and Desulfovibrio vulgaris: The role of structure in relation to function”

Book chapters:

  • Brileya KA, Reysenbach A-L, “The Archaeoglobi,” pp. 15–23.
  • Reysenbach A-L, Brileya KA, “The Picrophilaceae,” pp. 319–321.
  • Reysenbach A-L, Brileya KA, “The Thermoplasmataceae,” pp. 385–387.

In: The Prokaryotes-Other Major Lineages of Bacteria and the Archaea
Rosenberg E, DeLong EF, Lory S, Stackebrandt E, Thompson, F (eds.), 4th Ed. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.


  • Metcalf JA, Funkhouser-Jones LJ, Brileya K, Reysenbach A-L, Bordenstein SR
    “Antibacterial gene transfer across the tree of life”
    eLife, 2014, 3:e04266.

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