Montana State University
Cunningham, Al
303A EPS Building
Subsurface biotechnology and bioremediation

Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering

Dr. Cunningham is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Montana State University (MSU). He is a founding member of the Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) and is a member of the CBE Executive Committee which is responsible for coordinating center Research, Education, and Industrial Associates Programs. Professor Cunningham’s areas of teaching and research include groundwater hydrology, microbial processes in water supply systems, subsurface contaminant bioremediation, and geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide. Much of his research is directed toward engineering biofilm processes in porous media for beneficial use. Professor Cunningham is currently a principal investigator for MSU’s Zero Emissions Research and Technology Center (ZERT) which is a partnership between MSU, the University of West Virginia and five DOE Laboratories focused on understanding the basic science of underground (geologic) storage of carbon dioxide. Professor Cunningham’s ZERT research program involves engineering biofilm processes for leakage mitigation associated with large-scale injection of carbon dioxide into subsurface formations. Professor Cunningham is also the Principal Investigator for the Montana DOE EPSCoR project entitled Environmental Responses to Carbon Mitigation through Geological Storage. Under DOE EPSCoR, Dr. Cunningham is responsible for coordinating five interrelated research projects by faculty at MSU, University of Montana, and Montana Tech of the University of Montana. Dr. Cunningham is also co-editor of Biofilms: The Hypertextbook, which is a comprehensive, web-based teaching and learning resource for education on the topic of microbial biofilms.

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