The Center for Biofilm Engineering Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory (SBML) is pleased to announce a training video series focused on the CDC Biofilm Reactor.

The training videos cover the following steps when working with a CDC Biofilm Reactor:

  • Cleaning
  • Assembly
  • Inoculating, initiating batch, and starting continuous flow to grow a mature biofilm in the reactor

Training Video Playlist:

CDC Biofilm Reactor Methods 



These videos were produced in collaboration with the CBE Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory, Montana State University Visual Media Department, and BioSurface Technologies.

CBE Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory
Darla Goeres
Kelli Buckingham-Meyer
Lindsey Lorenz
Diane Walker

Montana State University Visual Media Department
Kelly Gorham
Abbey Nelson

BioSurface Technologies
Bryan Warwood

CBE Communications
Kristen Griffin
Joey Parchen