The CBE Seminar Series is organized to bring in experts from both academia and industry to present their research and share their expertise. Each semester a group of CBE graduate students and staff invite and host the colleagues and visitors (on and off-campus) who present at this seminar series.

The CBE 2019-2020 seminar organizing committee

If you have feedback or a speaker suggestion for the CBE Seminar Series, please contact a member of the organizing committee.

Fall 2019 Schedule

  • Thursdays, 4:10 p.m.–5:00 p.m.
  • Montana State University, Roberts Hall 312A  Map it
  • *Denotes different day, time, or location






Aug 29

Dr. Yakir Ophir

Research Scientist, Biotechnology, Israel Institute for Biological Research The laboratory of environmental microbiology and biotechnology: An overview of biofilm, biofouling, bio-corrosion and bioremediation research

Sep 5

Dr. William Harcombe

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota The impact of structure and antibiotics on eco-evolutionary dynamics in a microbial consortium

Sep 12

Dr. Huyen Bui

Research Scientist, Chemical & Biological Engineering, MSU, CBE

Characterization of cross-domain interactions in high pH/high alkalinity algal cultures for biofuel production

Sep 19

Dr. Connie Chang Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, MSU, CBE Examining heterogeneous populations of microbes at the single cell level using stabilized emulsions
Sep 26


Dr. Catherine Kirkland

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, MSU, CBE

Exploring aerobic granular sludge with magnetic resonance:  progress and future directions

Oct 3

*NAH 165

Dr. James McGrath

Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Rochester Medical Center

Ultrathin silicon membranes and their application to biosensing and tissue chips

Oct 10

Dr. Phil Stewart

Distinguished Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering, MSU, CBE

Medical implants, infection, and innate immunity

Oct 17

Dr. Catherine Zabinski

Professor, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, MSU Belowground ecology: Making sense of plant microbe interactions

Oct 24

Dr. Robert Quinn

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Michigan State University

Lungs, Germs and Steel: Fighting the cystic fibrosis lung microbiome

Oct 31

No seminar  


Nov 7

Hannah Goemann

 PhD Student, Microbiology & Immunology, MSU, CBE Making sense of the mess: The role of biofertilizers in sustainable agriculture

Nov 14

CBE Undergraduate Research Day

Bekah Anderson


Lora Frische


Chemical & Biological Engineering;
Advisor: Dr. Christine Foreman


Chemical & Biological Engineering;
Advisor: Dr. Jim Wilking


Characterization of Microplastic in Precipitation


3D Printing Human Sinuses

Nov 21

MaryClare Rollins

Research Associate; Lab Manager, Wiedenheft Lab, Microbiology & Immunology, MSU

CRISPR defense and viral counter-defense

Nov 28

No Seminar- Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 5

No Seminar- Last Week of Classes