Office: 305 Barnard Hall
Specialty: Standardized biofilm methods
E-mail: darla_g@montana.edu

Darla Goeres has over fifteen years experience researching biofilm bacteria in industrial systems.  She has studied biofilms found in Danish district heating distribution pipes, anaerobic biofilms in soured oil fields,  biofilms in recreational water systems and evaluated various treatment strategies for killing, removing and/or preventing biofilm formation. 

Dr. Goeres leads the Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory team at the Center for Biofilm Engineering.  The mission of this laboratory is the development and validation of quantitative standard methods for growing, treating, sampling and analyzing biofilm bacteria.  As part of her work in this area, she participates in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) subcommittee E35.15 and facilitated the acceptance of the first approved standard methods for biofilm bacteria.  Her goal is to promote collaboration among the various entities interested in biofilm methods. Currently, Dr. Goeres is working with the EPA on the development and validation of an efficacy test for hard surface biofilm efficacy claims.  

Goeres specific research interests: 

  • Develop and validation of quantitative biofilm methods
  • Biofilm reactor design
  • Biofilms in recreational water
  • Prevention or treatment of biofilm found in industrial or home environments

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