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Thank you for your participation in our upcoming biofilm science and technology meeting.

We want to make your presentation experience with us as smooth as possible. This page contains answers to many questions you may have about preparing for the Montana Biofilm Meeting. If you have other specific concerns, please feel free to contact at Kristen Griffin at
(406) 994-4743 or


Three weeks prior to the meeting, we email a document of presentation and poster abstracts to all attendees. We want to include your abstract in this mailing, so please email your abstract by the date indicated on your invitation letter.


At each meeting we provide a 3-ring binder of all the presentations to our attendees, and we’d like to include your talk as well. Please send email a PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) file or PDF with your presentation by the date indicated on your invitation letter.

If sending a PDF, please set up 6 slides per page (see 'how-to' instructions below).

We understand that there may be sensitive or unpublished information on some of your slides that you don’t want distributed in hardcopy form. Please omit this information or these slides. 

**Submitting large files: You may find it useful to submit your presentation files and/or binder files using the CBE graphics dropbox (one file per submission): 

Recent head shot

We’d like to have a recent photo of you to include in our web materials. Please email a recent head shot at your earliest opportunity. 

Arrival at the meeting 

When you arrive at the meeting, please stop by the meeting ballroom (Larkspur) to talk to our AV assistant and have your final presentation transferred to the conference computer. OR if you’ll be using your own computer for your presentation, please let us know. OR if you are using a Mac, please bring your adapter. Presentation files can be loaded and tested Monday afternoon or evening in the meeting ballroom. We will be fully set up with microphones, etc., so you can get familiar with the equipment and the room.

How to: Presentation file types for our attendee binders

We are happy to accept PowerPoint files and get them all loaded and running on the conference computer ahead of the conference. We will have all AV set up on Monday evening in the Hilton’s Larkspur ballroom during the reception. Our AV assistant will be there to transfer your file and answer any questions you may have about the AV setup.

If you are planning to present your talk from your own laptop, please let us know. If you have a Mac Keynote presentation, we ask that you bring your laptop and adaptor.


(These files may omit slides with proprietary information that you intend to display in your final presentation.)

File types accepted for attendee binders:

  1. PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx, .pptm) or Keynote (.key) versions are preferred, as they are easy for you to submit and straightforward for us to prepare for the binders. 
  2. PDF: If submitting a PDF for the binders, we would appreciate the file prepared as "Handout" pages, with 6 slides per page. If you haven't done this before, please see the instructions below. 

POWERPOINT 2010 to PDF Handouts

  1. With the presentation open, go to the top menu "File" > select "Print" from the left navigation bar
  2. In the Print dialog box,

Under Printer, select Adobe PDF.

Under Settings,

      • Choose Print all Slides OR enter the numbers of the slides you want to print (Custom Range)
      • In the next option button, click on the arrow button and choose 6 slides horizontal under Handouts
        • Before leaving this dialog box, check Frame Slides
      • Under Color: select "Pure black & white"
  1. Click the "Print" button

KEYNOTE to PDF Handouts

  1. With the presentation open, go to the top menu: File Print.
  2. In the Print dialog box (click 'Show Details' for the extended dialog box),
    • choose Pages: All
    • Under the subheading "Keynote
      • select "Handout"
      • select 5 slides per page (Keynote 6.2) or 3 slides per page (earlier versions)
    • Change the subheading from "Keynote" to "Page Attributes"
      • select "US letter"
      • select portrait page orientation
    • Then, in the lower left corner, press the "PDF" button
      • Choose "Save as Adobe PDF"