Students in lab

Undergraduate students are highly valued team members in the MSU Center for Biofilm Engineering and are fully integrated into the research process. Our undergraduates learn to design and implement experiments that will provide results relevant to industry and the science community—and they develop the skills that will broaden their career opportunities and make them more employable. For undergraduates who decide to pursue graduate degrees, their CBE research experience is often cited as a key component in being selected by their program of choice.

In the 2017-18 academic year, 59 undergraduates from 8 disciplines and programs participated in CBE research. 53% of the research undergraduates were female. Students from the following disciplines worked on CBE projects:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering,
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry,
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering,
  • Ecology,
  • Land Resources & Environmental Sciences, 
  • Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, 
  • Microbiology & Immunology, and
  • Modern Languages & Literature.

The CBE encourages its undergrads to reach their highest potential. Many of our undergraduate researchers present their research to industry representatives and other scientists/engineers at conferences, author peer-reviewed publications, and win awards for their research. The CBE is one of very few research institutions in the nation that will train undergraduates in the use of advanced research equipment such as the confocal laser scanning microscope and the flow cytometer.

Would you like to join the Center for Biofilm Engineering? If so, please complete the electronic pdf form found here. Once you hit the submit button, it will prompt an email to be sent to Sarah Huth, the HR coordinator for the CBE. Please also attach a resume and a brief essay (no more than two paragraphs) stating why’d you like to work with the CBE to the email. Information on our research groups can be found here. Personalizing your essay will help our faculty members get a sense of your research interests and whether you’d be a good fit in their labs.

If you are willing to work for course credit or volunteer in one of our labs, please include this in your essay. It is helpful if you already know a CBE—associated faculty member who can recommend you, so please mention this in your essay as well. You may submit these materials to the CBE main office. Once you’ve submitted your application, Sarah will contact you directly. You can also save your completed pdf and email it to her (along with your resume and essay) if you’d prefer. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Sarah at

Undergraduate students may also participate in Center research activities and education through the Undergraduate Scholars Program.

Engineering and science undergraduates at MSU-Bozeman may apply to participate in Center research projects in collaboration with Center faculty members through the USP. Participants in the USP receive an hourly wage and are required to register for research credits. A final report is required upon completion of the project.